3rd International Conference on
Alternative Fuels, Energy and Environment

  • October 21-25, 2018

  • Town of Antalya, Turkey

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Welcome to ICAFEE 2018

Message from the Conference Chairs

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the ICAFEE 2018 organizing committee, it is our honour and pleasure to welcome all delegates, participants and visitors to the 3rd International Conference on Alternative Fuels, energy and Environment: Future, Challenges, and remediation to be held in the beautiful town of Antalya, Turkey from October 21 - 25 , 2018. The conference will be organized by Alternative Fuels Research Laboratory (AFRL), Ericyes university, Turkey.

Our colleagues have put tremendous effort in organizing ICAFEE-2018. This is well supported by the co-chairs and organizing committee members. The purpose of the International Conference on Alternative Fuels (ICAFEE-2018) is to bring together researchers, industry and engineers to share and discuss advances and developments in Alternative Fuels and their recent applications.

Topics within the scope of the conference include the following areas, but not limited to:

  • Development of new alternative fuels.
  • Biofuels processing technologies.
  • Novel biofuel feedstocks.
  • New perspectives of alternative fuels.
  • New developments in microalgae for biofuels production.
  • Biohydrogen, Biobutanol, Bioethanol and other biofuel production.
  • Physical and chemical properties of alternative fuels and their improvement.
  • Predicting the properties of alternative fuels blends.
  • Modelling and experimental investigation of engine performance and emissions of alternative fuels.
  • Waste to energy.
  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Bioelectorchemical systems.
  • Wind and solar energy.
  • Photovolatics and their applications.
  • Novel nano-catalysts for biodiesel production.
  • Socioeconomic and environmental impacts of alternative fuels.
  • Biomass industries performance.
  • Future challenges, directions and economics of alternative fuels.
  • Biofouling control.
  • Water/WasteWater restoration and treatment.
  • Heavymetal/toxic and pollutant removal.

I hope that the scientific program will be useful and informative
Therefore, we welcome high-quality submissions that could contribute to this promising area of research. All submissions will be sent to professional reviewers to help the authors improve their submissions. Based on reviewers' comments, all authors will be requested to revise their work accordingly before final submission. We believe this careful consideration will help to establish a high quality and comprehensive program of presentations. Moreover, our team will do the best to help interested participants to apply early for travel fund and entry visa by issuing the necessary documents.

I extremely encourage all of you to exchange ideas with colleagues; this is indeed a very good opportunity to meet international experts at one place. In the name of the Conference committee, we highly welcome all of you. We are pleased to keep working to provide you with the best experience at this conference.

Finally, let's move together, learn and introduce to new friends. Let's also dive into the sessions and soak up the speeches, but we should not forget to save some time for the social events. I also hope that the social program will live up your expectations and that you will gather fond memories of ICAFEE 2018 in Antalaya., Turkey.

Assistant Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz ATABANI, General Chair of ICAFEE 2018

Research Prof. Dr. Gopalakrishnan KUMAR, ICAFEE series Co-Chair

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